When the ultrasound was developed, it was breakthrough technology that helped doctors get a closer look at the baby’s development and gave them the ability to spot and explain anything that might seem unusual. These were blurry snapshots that were hard to identify with the untrained eye.

With the second wave of technology, 3-D ultrasounds were developed. Not only does this technology provide more detailed images, it can help identify conditions that the original ultrasound cannot, such as cleft palate. While it is not recommended to have unnecessary ultrasounds, 3-D or otherwise, having a 3-D ultrasound is just as safe as any other. Unfortunately, not all insurances cover them, so they are considered an optional procedure.

Stages of Fetal Development

Each stage of fetal development is detailed and intricate. The formation and development of the heart, the brain, bones, lungs, and movement all take place at particular times over the course of pregnancy. Here are some important timelines.

  • 10-12 weeks—The structures that have already formed continue to grow and develop and the fetus now fills the uterus.
  • 14-16 weeks—The sex can be determined and the mother begins to feel movement.
  • 24 weeks—If the baby were born, it could reasonably sustain life outside of the uterus. From this point until full-term, the lungs are developing and new brain cells are forming.

3-D Ultrasounds Marking Development

As the baby grows, there are opportunities to take a snapshot of their development and perhaps get a sneak peek of your baby’s features. With the clarity of 3-D ultrasounds, there is a better chance of capturing more details and marking milestones of development. Get together with your OB/GYN to customize your ultrasound schedule in order to see your child’s growth milestones.

Some developmental milestones to help you narrow down time frames for your 3-D Ultrasound:

MONTHS -1-3: Form is taking place, with the throat, mandibles, fingers, toes, and eyes taking shape. The heart begins to beat. Fingernails and toenails form. At the end of the 3rd month, the fetus is fully formed and now just growing and maturing.

MONTHS 4-6: Eyelids, eyebrows, and eyelashes have formed and the nervous system begins to function. The reproductive organs have developed and you can now determine the sex. The mother can begin to feel movement.

MONTHS 7-9: Growing! The baby can respond to sound, pain, and light and there is more kicking. The brain and lungs are developing.

Choosing a Provider That Cares

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