5 Benefits of an Annual Visit to an OBGYN in Houston

Are you taking good care of your body? This is a question every woman needs to ask herself on a regular basis. Every woman also needs to get confirmation, with an annual visit to the OBGYN. Houston has amazingly skilled doctors who care about their patients’ health. Cypress Women’s Center is home to some of the best. Making your annual visit a priority is good for you and your body for several reasons. Read on to see why.

Benefit # 1 – Stay Up on Your Current State of Health

When you have regular annual visits to the OBGYN, your doctor has a baseline to work with and gets to know your body. As you age, and your body changes, your doctor is more likely to spot unusual changes that may need further exploration. A haphazard approach to visits does not provide the opportunity for continuity of service.

Your annual visit to your OBGYN in Houston will cover the basic health concerns of weight, blood pressure and testing for other possible problems. You’ll also have an opportunity to share with your doctor any health concerns you may have. Your OBGYN can give you pointers on how to obtain and maintain a healthy weight. You may need advice on how to manage your stress, to keep your blood pressure at a reasonable level. Your OBGYN understand the stresses facing today’s women and can offer advice and support.

Benefit # 2 – Monitor Birth Control

If you are taking birth control, even if you’ve been on it for a long time, your annual visit is important, so your doctor can monitor the effect on your body. Most medications have some kinds of side effects. Birth control is no exception. Although the changes may be minor, your doctor may want to watch them, to be sure something inconsequential doesn’t turn into something problematic.

Benefit # 3 – Early Detection of Women’s Health Issues

Did your mother, grandmother or aunts teach you everything you need to know about how your body is going to change over the years? Very few American women have this experience with the elder women in their lives. Most are left to wonder on their own about the changes their bodies are going through. Females have all types of health issues, and, when they are detected early, most of them can be handled with a positive outcome.

Benefit #4 – Testing for STDsThroughOBGYN

Houston women, if you are sexually active, it is a good idea to be tested at least annually for any STDs. Many women who believed they were in a monogamous relationship have had to find out the painful way that they were not. If you have more than one sexual partner, to be safe, you should have an annual test for STDs, if not more often.

Benefit #5 – Get the Information You Need to Be a Healthy Woman

Your OBGYN has a wealth of information that can help you with every stage of your life and every aspect of your female health. Your’ annual visit provides you an opportunity to get those questions rolling around in your head answered.
Cypress Women’s Center is here for you. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about your female health. Call us to make an appointment with one of our outstanding OBGYNs. Houston ladies, you can look forward to a great visit at Cypress Women’s Center. Contact us now.