Choose Personalized Care that is just as Unique as your Baby

Choosing the right OBGYN to guide you through the journey of pregnancy is an important decision to make. As a mother or mother-to-be, you know just how unique and special your baby is. Why should your pre-natal and neo-natal care be any different? Here at Cypress Women’s Center, we are committed to providing compassionate, nurturing, and individualized care that is just as unique as your baby.

From inception to birth and beyond, our providers and staff will hold your hand throughout every step of the process. We will thoroughly explain each and every change and transition along the way, so you feel confident in every step of this journey.

If you decide to choose Cypress Women’s Center for all of your pre-natal and neo-natal care, you can rest assured that our providers are exceptionally trained, board-certified, experienced, and devoted. You can also have peace of mind knowing that our very own Dr. Kirkman delivers babies at the award-winning maternity ward with a Level III NICU — Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital.

Just as each baby born is 100% unique, so is each women’s experience with pregnancy and childbirth. However, the goal and dream of each expecting mother is exactly the same, a happy and healthy child. One of the most crucial factors in making sure your baby is in optimal health from conception to birth is making sure that you are in optimal health.

This means safeguarding your individual health from the very first day of pregnancy. While we all hope and strive for exceptional health throughout your pregnancy and no complications during the delivery, our years of experience in both pre-natal and neo-natal care has demonstrated that complications cannot always be avoided. Should you or your baby encounter any complications during this exciting and nerve-racking journey, it is vital that the problem be identified as quickly as possible.

Recognizing a possible at-risk pregnancy or a potentially abnormal pregnancy outcome sooner than later will allow for specific and individualized care to be administered right away and a better, more hopeful outcome for you and your child. At Cypress Women’s Center, prevention and early diagnosis are just a couple of our specialties.

Dr. Kirkman has affirmed that “We focus a lot on prevention, diagnosing problems early and getting people to a state of general well-being.” Whether you are a new mother or on your fifth pregnancy, the providers and staff here
at Cypress Women’s Center would love to be your choice of care during one of the most exciting and miraculous stages of your life.