Feeling Safe with a Gynecologist Doctor

Women’s health and feeling safe with a gynecologist doctor are big issues, and they have been for a very long time. Many women avoid seeing a gynecologist because they don’t know what to expect and they may not feel comfortable with such an intimate examination. Feeling safe, especially in today’s world is very important.

Your Doctor’s Credentials

Knowing that your doctor has the proper credentials is critical. Gynecologists go through all the same training as general practice physicians. They have additional training in gynecology which is the study of diseases and conditions specific to females. The main thing you need to know is that your gynecologist doctor is a graduate of a reputable medical school and has a current license to practice medicine.

The question of whether the doctor is board certified often comes up. Board certification is not mandatory for all doctors. It indicates that a doctor has had additional training and has been reviewed by a panel of experienced doctors in the field. The certification process takes two years. Doctors must practice at least two years before they are eligible to take the oral exam required for board certification.

Care and Compassion

In addition to having proper credentials, you want a gynecologist doctor that shows care and compassion. Female checkups can be stressful whether there is an issue or condition about which you have concerns. Ideally your doctor understands this and shows you the care and compassion that you would expect of a doctor under these circumstances.

Undergoing a pelvic exam can be tense. A doctor who puts you at ease and calms you nerves while doing the exam is ideal. It is equally as important to have a doctor who truly listens to your concerns and answers your questions in a way that you can understand and a manner that is not condescending.

Some patients have had experiences where their self-reported symptoms were discounted, minimalized or altogether ignored. This does not lead to a safe feeling with your gynecologist doctor. If anything, it can lead to mistrust, particularly if a condition is discovered later which could have been avoided or treated had the symptoms been given due credence.

You know your body and you are the best person to speak to the changes your body is going through. These changes can be the normal transformations that happen to females or they may be indicators of something else. A doctor who listens and addresses your concerns respectfully is they type of doctor you can trust and depend on to help you achieve and maintain health.

The Gynecologist Doctor and Continuing Education

It is important to have current credentials and a good bedside manner. Additionally, the best gynecologist doctors will continue to seek education regarding trends in their field. Medicine is constantly changing as new technologies are discovered, new methods of treating disease and conditions are developed and new ways of helping patients are identified. You want a doctor who believes in being a lifelong learner and shows it by keeping up with the advancements in the field.

Feeling safe with your gynecologist doctor is important. At Cypress Women’s Center we are women caring for women. We understand women’s issues and we provide a safe and welcoming place to address female health. Why not contact us today and schedule your appointment? We are caring, gentle physicians who make your health and education our top priority.