One of the most exciting and fulfilling times in a woman’s life is when she learns she is pregnant. The thrill of bringing a new life into the world is both invigorating and, maybe, a little bit scary.  At Cypress Woman’s Center, we are skilled at delivering top quality OB/GYN care and dedicate ourselves to being with you every step of the way – before, during, and after your pregnancy.  Our highly trained and professional staff of doctors and clinicians provides the level of quality care you look for at this important time in your life. Two of the many services we offer are 3D and 4D ultrasound imaging.

While 3D and 4D ultrasound procedures are not normally required for you to receive top quality care during your pregnancy, scans may be tests that you will want to take.  Many women opt to have these procedures to get a first look at their baby or to watch the baby’s growth and development. It is sheer joy to witness, for the first time, the smile or movements of your baby and be able to hold in your hand an image similar to a photograph.

There is a difference between 3D and 4D scans.  A 3D ultrasoundscan is similar to a snapshot of your baby at a given point in time. The 4D scan is like a video of your baby over a short span of time. With 3D you receive a still picture of your child while with 4D you can witness the baby as it turns and moves. In either case, the excitement of seeing first-hand your child’s features and movements is one of the many exciting events of any pregnancy. These images are usually the first baby pictures of your child and many women today keep them in scrapbooks or, even, post them to social media.

While ultrasound are not medically required, they are safe and getting one may help you understand more about your child – the baby’s sex, the number of babies (perhaps you’re having twins), and its growth and development. Also, a scan can help your doctor check the progress of your pregnancy and assist in identifying certain problems such as an increased risk of spina bifida.  Because imaging is optional, the costs are not always covered by insurance.

Whether ultrasound is right for you is a decision which should be should be discussed between you and your doctor. Issues such as imaging safety, frequency, and advisability can be covered in a consultation with any of our doctors at Cypress Women’s Center.  Doctor Kerry Anne Kirkman and Doctor Jarmara Hice-Garza are ready and eager to explain the ultrasound options and to discuss all benefits and costs. To arrange an appointment, give our center a call: (281-955-7900).