Talking with Your Gynecologist about Bioidentical Hormones

Over the last few years, there has been a good bit of conversation and a lot written about bioidentical hormones. To understand what these are and how they may be used to help you with later life issues you should talk to your gynecologist. Here at Cypress Women’s Center, Doctor Kerry Kirkman and Doctor Jarmara Hice-Garza will be more than happy to review the latest in bioidentical hormones research and discuss with you whether or not these medications might be right for you.
Bioidentical hormones are compounds which have an identical molecular structure to natural hormones produced by a woman’s body. Because they are identical in all respects, researchers believe the body treats them in exactly the same way as those produced naturally. Thus, when a women’s natural production of hormone slows down, bioidentical hormones can be prescribed as a substitute. Because they function in the same manner as natural hormones, they can be used to boost hormone levels as a treatment for late life menopausal symptoms.  Your gynecologist can determine whether or not you are a candidate for bioidentical hormones. These hormones do not occur naturally but are synthesized from natural products. They are therefore considered natural remedies.
Nevertheless, many gynecologists believe traditional hormone therapy still offers some of the best hopes for preventing late life discomforts. Menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and sleeplessness can often be controlled with traditional hormone therapies. The various medications used in traditional approaches present some risks, however, though they are small. Weighing the trade-offs in benefits and risks of bioidentical hormones against those of traditional therapies should be discussed with your gynecologist. It has been shown that there may be some links between hormone therapy and breast cancer, blood clots, and strokes. There is a debate among physicians as to whether bioidentical hormones offer any improvement over the traditional hormone therapy approaches. While some studies have shown benefits from bioidentical hormones, there have not been extensive investigations testing the differences between the various hormones and their therapeutic value.
If you are suffering from menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes or sleeplessness, talk with your gynecologist and find out if bioidentical hormone therapy might be right for you. Only your doctor can determine the best course of action when designing your medical management plan. Our staff of doctors and technicians at Cypress Women’s Center will be more than happy to sit down in a consultation and discuss your health issues. Call us, and one of our skilled staff members will arrange an appointment for you to speak with one of our doctors. To get started on a medical plan designed specifically for you, give us a call today: 281-955-7900.