The Costs of Infertility Care in Texas

For many women considering the assistance of an infertility specialist, the cost of the process is what comes to mind first. The news about celebrities paying small fortunes can discourage some people from even looking into the prospect. That amount of money moves infertility care out of the realm of possibility. The one thing many people are not aware of is there are several options, and some are quite affordable.

The Options for Infertility Care in Texas

When natural means of becoming pregnant fail,for whatever reason, available alternatives may provide the intended results. Help comes in many forms. Your doctor will take into consideration your age, medical history and the results of fertility testing. After considering these three factors, he or she will make a determination about the best treatment for you.

The least expensive infertility care in Texas is oral medication. These are also some of the most common medications for infertility. They work by inducing ovulation. The cost is low, usually under $20 a month for a prescription. Combined with intrauterine insemination (IUI), the cost for a cycle of this type of treatment could run from around $500 to $700.

Injectable hormones are another pathway to pregnancy. Potent hormones, gonadotropins, are also used with IUI. These treatments can run from approximately $2,500 to $35,000 per cycle. The cost is considerably more than the oral medications; however, they are powerful fertility boosters, and they may increase the number of eggs that ovulate that month.

A combination of low-dose injectable hormones and oral medication is known as a hybrid cycle. This method of infertility care in Texasis more expensive than oral medication alone but less than only the hormones. Hybrid cycles usually cost between $1,500 and $2,000 monthly.

The most successful treatment option is in-vitro fertilization (IVF). It involves taking medication, ultrasounds, blood work, anesthesia and embryology procedures. You can expect to pay a minimum of $13,000. Factors that will affect the price of this procedure are whether or not you need any special IVF procedures and how much medication you require.

Additional and more costly procedures include frozen embryo transfer, egg and sperm donation and getting a surrogate. These methods are all very expensive, moving into the realm of tens of thousands of dollars.

Paying for Infertility Care in Texas

Any way you look at it, having a baby is expensive. Some insurance companies may cover certain types of infertility care in Texas. Check with your carrier to find out what, if anything is covered. The state of Texas provides some financial assistance, also, under certain conditions.

Only a handful of states have a mandate for infertility insurance, and Texas is one of them. Insurance companies are required to cover in-vitro fertilization costs. If your insurance plan covers pregnancy-related services, it must also, by law, cover IVF. The coverage must be applied at the same rate of benefit the insurance plan applies to pregnancy-related services

There are restrictions on this mandate, however. Besides being covered under the benefit plan, you and your spouse must have a continuous five-year history of infertility. There are some exceptions to this rule in cases of a qualifying medical condition. You also must have tried less-expensive methods of infertility care with no success. Another stipulation is that the procedure needs to be performed at a fertility clinic or medical center conforming to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine guidelines.

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