WANTED: A Female OB/GYN Near Me that Treats Infertility

Dealing with a topic as sensitive as infertility can be difficult, and many women feel more comfortable working with a doctor who can empathize with their plight. This is where many find themselves asking, “Where can I find a female OB/GYN near me who treats infertility?”

Frustration, stress and anxiety often go hand in hand with struggles to conceive, so it’s important to choose a healthcare provider who can help guide you through the process in a manner with which you feel comfortable. Even if you end up with a referral to a fertility specialist, choosing the right OB/GYN is still the first step on your journey.

What Can a Female OB/GYN Near Me Do About Infertility?

While specialists are sometimes part of the reproductive process for couples struggling with fertility, your first visit should still be to a knowledgeable OBGYN.

In addition to providing general information about how to maximize your chances of conceiving, your OBGYN can also help you determine where the trouble lies, to an extent.

When Should I See a Female OB/GYN Near Me to Discuss My Fertility?

Knowing when to seek help is almost as important as knowing where to turn. Unprotected intercourse results in pregnancy for approximately 85% of couples within one year. This means around 15%, nearly one in six couples, will not conceive with regular, unprotected intercourse within a year.

This is where many couples start to seek assistance with fertility, but guidelines from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine state that intervention may be warranted after six months of trying to conceive for women over the age of 35, or those with certain medical histories and physical findings.

Ideally, you should schedule an appointment with an OBGYN before you start trying to conceive. A preliminary well woman’s checkup will help you and your healthcare provider determine if you’re likely to encounter any difficulty along the way, and to establish care in advance of a potential pregnancy.

How do I Choose the Right Female OB/GYN Near Me?

Your health is intensely personal, but this is even more true when you’re in the difficult position of struggling to conceive. You need a healthcare provider who not only understands cutting-edge medical treatments and state-of-the-art testing, but also the emotional element of fertility struggles.

Because it’s often easier for women to speak openly and freely with another woman about their sexual and reproductive health, a female OB/GYN is often preferred by patients. At Cypress Women’s Center, our practice is headed up by two board-certified, female obstetrician/gynecologists, two nurse practitioners specializing in women’s health and a dedicated team of supportive, knowledgeable medical staff.

We’re dedicated to providing the most personalized medical care, along with the emotional support you’ll need as you begin fertility treatment. Whether you’re thinking of trying to conceive or have been trying for a while, call today to discuss your reproductive health with a team who cares.