When Should I Talk to My Gynecologist about a da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy?

If your gynecologist has recommended you have a hysterectomy, then now is the time to discuss with her the da Vinci robotic hysterectomy surgical method. A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the uterus, and this can be accomplished using a number of currently available surgical options. One widely used approach is the da Vinci robotic method. This procedure is currently available at Cypress Women’s Center, is minimally invasive, and offers a number of benefits over other surgical approaches. Only you and your doctor can decide what approach to your hysterectomy is best for you.

Because everyone is different, and medical conditions vary widely, there are several general types of da Vinci techniques in use. Your gynecologist will help you select the best approach. For hysterectomies that are benign (non-cancerous), two basic types of da Vinci surgeries are used. First, there is the general robotic hysterectomy and, second, there is a single-site robotic hysterectomy. Your particular circumstances will dictate which of these your gynecologist recommends. Should you require a hysterectomy because of cancer there is a da Vinci cancer surgery approach, which varies from the others but generally offers the same benefits.

During a da Vinci surgery the surgeon is assisted by computerized robotics but retains 100% control of all surgical processes. Several small incisions are made in the body through which the surgeon is able to achieve a three-dimensional, high-definition view of the surgery. As he/she conducts the procedure the instruments are able to bend and rotate to a much greater degree than is possible using only his/her hands. The result is enhanced vision, greater precision, and increased control.

In the event cancer requires the removal of the uterus, da Vinci offers a cancer specific approach. This method also provides benefits over either traditional laparoscopic surgery or open surgery. You should review your options, as well as all benefits and risks, with your gynecologist.

At Cypress Women’s Center, our skilled staff of doctors and nurses can discuss with you all the options of the da Vinci system and provide you the information you need to make a decision regarding your hysterectomy. We are female gynecologists, we are in Houston, and we are as near as your phone. Give us a call at (281) 955-7900 to speak to one of our staff. During a consultation our doctors will discuss with you your surgical options. Our center is conveniently located in Cyprus, and we look forward to talking with you about your health care management. Give us a call today.